How to invest in the great retirement

How to invest in the great retirement

22 Apr 2020   |    3515

Nobody wants to work until death. Most of the time, when people turn 60 years old, they always want to just relax and enjoy their hobbies, because they have been working for so many years. In the past, they were just relying on their child, but now the society was changed. The new generation has to support their own life, without enough money left for their parents. What parents can do is to take care of themselves in retirement. But how?

Set a retirement amount target

First of all, you have to think that when we run out of energy, what is the amount of money required per month? How many years you have left? Then calculated as a lump sum to be used during retirement. For example, if you want to spend 1,200 USD per month, 14,400 USD per year. If retiring at 55 years old, estimated to live until 85 years old, the amount you need in total is 14,400 * 30 = 432,000 USD

Money saving plan

After estimating the amount of money required to use in retirement age. Next is the plan to save money as you have set the target. For example, now at the age of 40, and want to retire at 55 years old. there are only 15 years left to save money. You still can set the plan to save money per month and per year. By dividing the lump sum by remaining time e.g. 432,000 / 15 = 28,800 USD per year, or 2,400 USD per month.

Now you can see that you have to save the money in a minimum of 2,400 USD per month till you hit the target. Some people might complain that it can’t be possible if they have a low income. Yes, if you keep it in your bank account without investing. But if you know how to manage your investments, it might reduce your time in saving money, less per month. Or maybe help to increase your retirement money more than you expected.

Life insurance

Divide the savings into life insurance, pension insurance, or retirement insurance. The advantages of saving money for life insurance are worth it, for knowing the exact amount and return, to protect life and reduce tax. Although the returns are not very high, but still higher than inflation. And low liquidity, unlike bank deposits.

Mutual fund

This is the way you give away your money to securities or asset management companies. Since they are experts and have more time to keep on track in the stock market than you. The company will help you select the stocks and manage your money. The return on investment in mutual funds may not high, but safer than doing stocks trading by yourself.


Investing in stocks can be both short-term and long-term. Your knowledge and investment period will help reduce risks. But not everyone will have to invest only in the long term, but choose the stocks and investment period style that suitable for you. Stocks are investment tools that provide higher returns than other recommended tools.

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This might seem to be irrelevant, what is this have to do in saving money? Of course, it does, because exercising makes your body strong and healthy. You can manage to work on saving money as planned if you are healthy. The illness requires a lot of money and time to heal, so, doing exercise just a little bit per day is easier.

Choose the right financial tools

Hope that everyone can see the importance of saving money to prepare for retirement. Start saving money from today, by choosing the tools that suit you. And we will step into retirement age with both money and healthy life.

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